A Brief History of The Spaniel

"The Spaniel is gentle loving and courteous to man more than any other dog, of free untiring ranging, beating a full course over and over, which he does with a wanton playing taile and a busie labouring noise, neither desisting nor showing less delight in his labours at night than he did in the morning"


This was quoted by 17th Century Sportsman Richard Surflet about the original Spaniel before they evolved in to different types such as Cockers and Springers and his views ring true for modern Sprocker Spaniels, particularly his comments about being gentle, loving and courteous. Ideal traits for a family pet. People who work their Sprockers will tell you his comments also ring true.


Spaniel type dogs have been found in art and literature for almost 500 years. Initially, spaniels in England were divided among land spaniels and water spaniels. The differentiation among the spaniels that led to the breeds that we see today did not begin until the mid-19th century. During this time, the land spaniels became a bit more specialised and divisions among the types were made based upon weight to be defined as either Cockers or Springers. At this time it was not uncommon for Cockers and Springers to come from the same litter.


The smaller cockers were used to hunt woodcock whilst their larger littermates, the Springers, were used to spring or flush gamebird into sky the for Falcons or Hawks to bring them back to the handler. From this point on the Cockers and Springers were selectively bred to create the two distinct breeds we know today.


Sprockers take us back to a time when one Spaniel type produced the variations of size and weight and make ideal dual purpose Spaniels. 

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