Sprocker FAQs

Is the Sprocker a Recoginised breed?

The Sprocker is not recoginised by the Kennel Club but is increasingly being recognised as a Spaniel Type by Vets, Dog Trainers and by some insurance companies.

If it's not a recognised breed is the Sprocker a "Designer Dog"?

Most definitely not! Sprockers have been bred for many, many years by gamekeepers to produce a versatile, dual purpose working dog and neither it is cross breed as both parents are types of Spaniels.

How big will a Sprocker grow?

The size of a Sprocker will be determined by the parents and with such a wide talent pool this could be anything between 14" and 20". Many Sprockers come from Working Cocker and Springer stock so will have a rangy and lean build whereas Sprocker pups from show lines will usually be heavier and stockier. The best way to predict a Sprockers adult size is too take a look at both parents.

Do Sprockers need lots of excercise?

Sprockers are active, energetic and willing dogs so are best suited to regular off the lead excercise on a daily basis which ideally should incorporate mental stimulation as they are smart and clever as well. A Sprocker will easily adapt to your lifestyle and do not need to be on the go all day but will happily do so if you want to!

Are Sprockers best as working dogs or family pets?

The short answer is either/or or both...

How easy is it to train a Sprocker?

A Sprocker is loyal, attentive and food motivated - the ideal characteristics for training. They will learn very quickly but also have the grey matter to work out short cuts! Like many Spaniel types they can have selective hearing and a mind of their own leading to a stubborn streak. However they thrive on mental stimulation which makes training fun. Persistence and consistency are the key and you will find it very rewarding, as will your Sprocker. Training your Sprocker to find and retrieve in ground cover will add to the enjoyment of walks for both of you and many Sprocker owners have found them to be excellent agility dogs.

Where can I find more more information about Sprockers?

Recognise the Sprocker Spaniel and I Love my Sprocker Spaniel groups on Facebook collectively have more than 3000 members and owners are always happy to share stories and advice.

How often do Sprockers need grooming?

Ideally every day. The Sprockers natural habitat when out walking is the undergrowth, water and mud! A brush through every day with a pin brush will help you keep the coat clean, healthy and shiny. If you start the grooming regime as soon as your puppy is home he or she will soon begin to love the attention and you will find it a destressing experience!

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