The Sprocker Spaniel

With a vast Sprocker talent pool you will see a wide vairety of colours, weights and heights but following recent surveys on the RTSS Facebook page we have established the most common colours and average weights and heights.


Colour: Sprocker Spaniels can be almost any colour variant you will be familiar with if you know Cocker or Springer Spaniels - Solids, Roans, Liver & White, Black & White, Tri Colours etc... However the most common colour is Black or Mostly Black with a flash of White followed by Chocolate or Chocolate with a flash of White and then Black & White. There also a good number of Roans. Mostly Black or Chocolate may be due to the high number of Black and Chocolate Cockers (again mostly the working type) being used as the Sire for breeding Sprockers.


Parentage: By far the most popular pairing when breeding Sprockers is a Cocker Sire (Working Type) and Springer Dam (Working Type). When a Cocker Sire (Show Type) is used it often results in stockier, weightier pups. However we are seeing more and more 2nd & 3rd generation Sprockers from Sprocker Sires & Dams.


Weight: The weight range is very wide from under 14kgs (similar size to Working Cockers) up to and over 20kgs (similar size to Springers). However these are the average weights:

Male -16.7kg

Female -14.7kg


Height: (at the Withers): Once again the range is very wide, anything from under 14" to 20" but these are the average heights:

Male - 17"

Female - 16"

Sprockers at Home

"Do Sprockers make good family pets?" is something we are asked all the time. The resounding answer is a big YES! Sprockers are like most Spaniels, they love human company, generally very good with Children & Cats. They have a sense of humour (and mischief!) and love to play. But remember they are very active dogs both in mind and body and will thrive in an environment where they get plenty of mental and physical stimulation. This means you have a Spaniel who will be easy to train if you are able to put in the time and effort.

Sprockers at Work

Sprockers make an excellent multi purpose working Spaniel however it is a bone of contention amongst Sprocker owners that as the Sprocker is not a recognised breed they cannot compete in Field Trials. This does not stop Sprockers and their owners taking part on gundog training, beating and Sprockers are proving to be excellent agility dogs. The armed and emergency forces also recognise the adapatability and flexibility of Sprockers.

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