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The Sprocker Spaniel is bred from the English Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel and sometimes the American Cocker Spaniel.  A Sprocker pup can have a Springer Mum and a Cocker Dad or the other way round. A Springer bred with a Sprocker or a Cocker bred with a Sprocker or even a Sprocker bred with a Sprocker will always produce Sprocker pups. 


It's these possibilities that produce such a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes amongst Sprockers and whilst a Sprocker pup may favour either their Springer or Cocker heritage a Sprocker usually has the traits of both parent Spaniel types.


The result is a handsome Spaniel who can be an excellent dual purpose working dog and a happy, loyal family pet. The popularity of the Sprocker continues to grow and we estimate that there are between 5000 & 10,000 Sprockers in the UK.


On our website you will be able to find out more about the Sprocker, their modern history and their place in the long history of Spaniels in the UK.


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